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Learn to communicate effectively with your partner, keep the spark alive, and grow your relationship after having kids.

Let’s face it: building a happy, long-term relationship with your partner isn’t easy.

There are so many different things to keep in mind: making sure you’re communicating clearly, building trust and respect for each other, maintaining physical affection and a good sex life, supporting each others’ shared interests and emotions, making sure responsibilities are shared equally, and making time for just having fun with each other.

Especially these days, it’s so easy to believe that these important relationship skills should come naturally – that a good relationship should be an easy relationship. The truth is, though, that every healthy relationship takes time, effort, and the desire to work together as a team.

As your relationship with your husband, wife, or partner grows, you’ll inevitably run into more than a few areas of friction. This isn’t because any one partner is necessarily wrong, but because you and your partner are different people, with different personalities and different ideas about the way your relationship should or shouldn’t be.

Maybe you’re an introvert married to an extrovert. Perhaps you’re a planner and an organizer and your partner just likes to go with the flow. Or maybe you both have different ways of showing love and affection. Regardless of what you’re struggling with as a couple, you can overcome these areas of friction and start building a stronger, happier relationship today.

Why Try Couples Counseling?

Making the decision to try couples counseling can be daunting and frustrating at first – especially if you and your partner aren’t sure what couples counseling should be like.

If you’re wondering if you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling, consider these questions:

  • Do you wish bringing up problems in your marriage didn’t always turn into a fight?
  • Do you wonder why you and your partner keep getting caught up in the same arguments over and over again?
  • Is it hard for you to listen to one another without interruptions and misunderstandings?
  • Do you wish you could rekindle more of the spontaneous fun and excitement that was in your relationship when you first met?

Many couples view counseling as a last resort – a type of “urgent care” for relationships. After working with so many couples over the years, I’ve found that people tend to get the most benefit from relationship counseling when they come in at an earlier stage in their relationship.

Every marriage and relationship has its challenges: sometimes you are in crisis, or sometimes you just need a tune up. The bottom line is that most relationship struggles can be overcome, as a team. But you may want a little help!

In couples counseling, I can help you learn how to:

Nice to meet you – I’m Sarah.

I’m Sarah Tie, the owner and lead counselor here at Winding Path. After going through the same struggles and learning process in my own marriage and parenting relationships, I began specializing in expert couples counseling in Denver, CO for new parents and couples wanting to rekindle their excitement and build stronger, happier relationships.

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