Transform the way you communicate and love.


You deserve a relationship, family, and life you love

Here at Winding Path, we know how hard it is to be a couple these days. Whether you’re figuring out how to keep the spark alive after having kids, looking for the ideal partner, or just trying to figure life out, we want to help you not only survive, but thrive in your relationship, family, and life.

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Effective counseling for couples and new parents

Build a better relationship

Break the cycle of arguing, learn essential skills for talking about the big stuff, and build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with your partner.

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overcome struggles

Learn to communicate effectively with your partner, keep the spark alive, and grow your relationship after having kids.

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Individual Counseling
Be your best self

Powerful therapy for individual growth and positive change.

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Postpartum Counseling
Get the support you need

Overcome postpartum anxiety and depression.

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Meet Sarah Tie


I’ve been the owner and lead counselor here at Winding Path Counseling since 2014. After struggling to figure out the chaos of my own relationship and becoming a new parent, I made it my mission to help couples, new parents, and individuals get the tools and support they need to build real-world relationships and partnerships that actually last.

I believe couples counseling shouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable – instead, it can be fun and modern. At Winding Path, you’ll have the unique experience of working with someone who actually gets what real-world relationships are like today. I’m living it just like you, and I’d love to help!

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